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Introducing Metropolitan Multifamily Group

Real Estate in Owings Mills, Maryland

MMG buys, sells, and manages apartments, residential, commercial, or land properties, and real estate. MMG is a company that not only handles them but also provides various property management services in Owings Mills, Maryland, that help your rental business grow. We pride ourselves on good service and creating better management than the current situation of the properties that we buy. We make a clean, safe environment and quality housing in the community a reality.

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Maintenance Repairs and Turn Service

Functional checks, repairs, and general maintenance functions

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Temporary Maintenance Staffing

Enlist maintenance contractors to provide temporary maintenance.

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Evictions Move Out Services

Eviction services include moving items with bulk hauling as needed.

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Bulk Trash Hauling Services

We remove broken household items excluding biohazards items.

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Mission Statement

We’re committed to delivering exceptional property management services and continuously finding and unlocking real estate potential for your benefit.

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